Get fully in touch with elephants and the traditional way of Karen hill tribe life while helping improve difficult life in the mountains of Northern Thailand and supporting those in need.

The volunteering program at Elephant Peace Project gives participants the opportunity to have an in-depth experience in the Karen way of life.
Learn to take care of the elephants, preparing and finding the right food in the jungle (and which ones to avoid), recognize their social and emotional behavior and symptoms of diseases.

Undergo the daily life with the locals by helping at the farm, go hunting in the jungle and visit the remote hill tribe villages.
Help distributing food packages to those who aren’t able of taking care of themselves, or improving their facilities such as building a new bathroom, proper sewage, …

Elephant Peace Project recommends a minimum stay of 1 week.

Based on the personal interests and qualities of the potential volunteer (studies, working experiences and own preferences), we will make up a personal program so the volunteer can give everything of himself.
Of course, the most important requirement to come volunteering with us, is to be a goodhearted, enthusiastic and a little bit crazy.

The volunteer will also have free time to explore the region on his own, with motorbike or bicycle, visit the local temples, the beautiful waterfalls or go mountain biking between forest and rice fields.

The price for the volunteering program only covers for accommodation, food and general expenses (see it as a donation). EPT affirms that the prices are fairly calculated and kept as low as possible.

If you require an adapted lunch (vegetarian, vegan of certain allergies), please inform us in advance.


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