The Hill Tribes

In a fast-moving world where everything and everybody speeds through modernization, we sometimes forget important traditions our ancestors held sacred in daily life. Sure, adapting to new ways of life to survive in the modern world is a necessity for everybody, but along the road we should remember where we come from. sometimes, where we come from holds secrets or traditions that can help us spin around in the fast pacing modern world. (an example of this being how we take care of elephants).

In this point of view, Elephant Peace Project aims at the conservation of a traditional heritage that goes back many centuries.The Karen culture, with origins in southern Myanmar called Karen State, is one of the biggest hill tribe cultures in Thailand, mainly settled in Northern and Western regions of Thailand. Through a modest (not sure if modest is the best word) museum exhibiting the Karen way of life, applying Karen working methods in handling elephants and spreading Karen wisdom about living and surviving in the jungles and mountains of Northern Thailand (edible fruits and plants, usage of resources, applying agricultural methods and so on), Elephant Peace Project makes it part of its mission to preserve the heritage of the Karen hill tribe culture.

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