Elephant Peace Project, we would like to preserve and protect our people culture and the elephant way. If you visit us, you will be learning to be the Mahout or the Trainer ( the person who taking care the elephant).

2Days 1N Program:

The activities:
1.Giving information

  1. Go and walk to the elephants in the mountain or jungle for observe how they are living, the behavior, eating and etc.
    3.. Meal for lunch
  2. Preparing the elephant’s food
  3. Feeding
  4. Bathing
    6.. Learning how to communicate with elephant or learning elephant’s language
  5. Full of to be the Maout or trainer
  6. Meal for dinner

Second Day:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Pick up the elephants at the mountain, bring
    down them for drinking and eating
  3. Learning serveral herb for using and hearing the elephant when they sick or un- healthy
  4. Meal for lunch
  5. Learning how to make the vitami to the elephant , after that feed the vitami to them.
  6. Learning how to respect via ceremony or ritual (Dam Hoe ceremony)
    -Say goodbye the elephants
    -sending back to your hotel

This price including;
-local guide ( english speaking)
-4 meal (2 meal of lunch, dinner and breakfast)
-water of drinking
-all the activities we memtion.

At the park, we dont have house for sleeping , when I have visitors, they will be staying at farmstay in my community.

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