A Place Where Elephants and People Come Together

Founded only a year ago, Elephant Peace Project hopes to make a difference in the sheltering of elephants in Thailand. After a long history of hard labour, war, poaching and abuse in touristic attractions, more and more people are realising the importance of protecting the surviving population of the Thai elephants, which has declined from over 100,000 elephants 100 years ago to a merely 7,000 today.

What we can’t forget in this mission to preserve the Thai elephant population, is the cultural importance of the elephant in Thailand. As a royal symbol, or as the Karen hill tribes see it, as a beloved family member. And the latter one is the approach Elephant Peace Project is taking. We care about the elephants, we care about the traditions and culture of the hill tribes.
And we also care about the people and the local community.

Through income of the elephant park, support and donations we intend to improve living conditions of the hill tribes, who live remotely from the modern world. Thailand is a modern country, developed in many ways reaching the same standards as Japan, Singapore, Europe and the US. But the gap between the major cities (Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai) and the people living in the countryside and the hill tribes is enormous.

Elephant Peace Project wants to help close the gap by helping children go to school, supporting in the health care of the elderly and disabled and improving living accommodations in the mountains.

On your own, it is difficult to make a difference. But together, we will change the world.

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