Enjoy a full day experience with the majestic elephants at our park, taking care of the gentle creatures through the traditional Karen way.

Learn all about the Asian elephants and the Karen hill tribe, from the importance of taking care of the animal and the preservation of its survival to the hill tribe culture and the influence of the elephants on it. Learn how to cook a Karen lunch and prepare herbal medicine, both beneficial for humans and elephants. If you require an adapted lunch (vegetarian, vegan of certain allergies), please inform your tour guide in advance.

What to bring:
Don’t forget to bring a mosquito repellent and sunscreen. We will be in the jungle where mosquitos will be happy to see you and the sun can be unpredictable.

Since we will be bathing together with the elephants, we recommend to bring a change of clothes and a towel. Sanitary facilities are available. Of course, if necessary, bring your personal medicine.

Note: hours of the schedule are not fixed. Please take a flexible schedule into account.

Foreseen hour Activity
8:30am Pick up off all visitors at their accommodation in Chiang Rai city and surroundings
Arrival at the EPT park, time to adjust and discover the park freely
Introduction to the park and its mission, brief information on the elephant, its history in Thailand and the link with the Karen tribe
Spend time together with the elephants through the Karen way
Feed the elephants and learn more about the eating and drinking habits of the elephant
Wander through the park together with the elephants
Discover the gentle nature and social of the elephants.
Enjoy a Karen lunch and take a rest. Free time to take a look around, visit the souvenir shop or get in touch with the staff
Visit the Karen museum and discover the traditional Karen weaving techniques
Spend more time with the elephants:
Take a bath with the elephants
Learn how to prepare and apply medical for both elephants and humans.
Say goodbye the elephants.
17:00pm Drop off of all visitors back at their accommodations in Chiang Rai city and surroundings

Included in the price: lunch, water, transportation, food for the elephants, insurance and an English speaking guide.

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